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ThreeFold Impact facilitates the deployment of ThreeFold internet capacity in Emerging Markets.

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Our Markets.
ThreeFold Impact focuses on Emerging Markets

Emerging Markets are most vulnerable to shortages of and/or slow speed internet due to lack of infrastructure and sources of domestic capital. As a result, internet users in Emerging Markets pay disproportionate amount of their incomes for internet access and capacity.

ThreeFold difference:

Accessibility Impact

By making capacity local, cost-efficient and green ThreeFold levels the playing field and provides connectivity in the least privileged areas.

Economic Impact

By engaging local entrepreneurs to become capacity producers for the ThreeFold Grid, ThreeFold empowers local communities to increase their income and create prosperity.

Social Impact

By giving back to the communities, where ThreeFold Farmers operate, ThreeFold perpetuates the long-lasting impact of social return.


ThreeFold Impact seeks to achieve superior investment returns as well as tangible social impact by financing the deployment of the ThreeFold Grid — a fully decentralized, neutral and green internet capacity network.

Return on investment is based on a pre-agreed capped return.

Excess returns are reinvested in the country of origin to maximize social impact.

ThreeFold Impact is run on the ThreeFold Blockchain, ensuring an objective and verifiable record and overall transparency.

Result measurement is done via a Ixo.Foundation, a public Blockchain-based impact measurement platform

Participation in ThreeFold Impact is available instantly via ThreeFold tokens, providing easy entry and exit points.

Contribute to ThreeFold Impact

ThreeFold’s first Fund, Simba, focuses on deploying the ThreeFold technology in Africa.

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Social Impact:
Connecting the dots, Making an Impact

ThreeFold Fund empowers local communities via targeted impact investments to improve access to information, education, connectivity and support the overall community upliftment that becomes possible by means of affordable internet access and internet enabled social services.


Entrepreneurs invest in expanding internet infrastructure via specific investment projects which yield both a financial and social impact return.


Individuals, civic groups, organizations or businesses support local communities expand internet infrastructure and enable income generation by donating or co-funding nodes and costs related to their connection to the grid.

Social Impact

The TF Fund supports proven local social impact providers.These TF Fund beneficiary partners work in the areas of education, IT literacy, increased access to technology, and critical needs assistance, bringing tangible social investment and support to their communities.

ThreeFold Impact Africa 

ThreeFold Impact Africa seeks to provide local capacity, reduce the cost of cloud and provide tangible social return across Africa.

To contribute to the ThreeFold Africa Fund email us at

The ThreeFold Foundation sponsors the Fund through initial seed investment via its ThreeFold Tokens — the digital currency of the new internet.

By internet we mean capacity. Internet capacity is needed for everything, from storing personal or enterprise data, streaming movies or educational materials, to powering the Internet of Things, Artificial Intelligence and immersive experiences.

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The ThreeFold Foundation employs innovative technology to support a decentralized, cost efficient and eco-friendly compute capacity network everywhere.


Didem Gordon

Ms. Gordon has 30 years of leadership positions in Turkish financial sector, including Chairwoman and CEO of Ashmore Turkey, CEO of Yapı Kredi Portfoy, Chairwoman of Yapı Kredi Investment Trust, Member of the Board and Credit Committee for the Yapı Kredi Yatırım, Allianz, Member of the Audit Committee for the Istanbul Stock Exchange among others.

Elena Anfimova

Ms. Anfimova has 20 years of experience in Emerging Markets: she supervised US$ 2 billion in debt and equity portfolio at IFC, the World Bank Group; and a portfolio of equities at Firebird Management, a New York based value-oriented fund. Elena has lived and/or worked in 17 countries. She is a Wharton MBA 2004

Jenne Magno

A believer in maximizing synergy, Jenne has designed and managed innovative cross-disciplinary programs in integrated development in parts of Africa, Asia, India and Central America, with a recent focus on education and social justice in Central Europe. She has directed and run international operations for nonprofit organizations, specializing in win-win strategies for multi-stakeholder partnerships and program design for social impact initiatives.

Chris Hutton

A serial entrepreneur and technology fanatic for 25 years. Always researching tech trends and looking for new technologies to introduce to Africa. Focussed on business development on new markets with new technologies. Successfully introduced multiple new technologies into the South Africa market and successfully developed the GTM strategy and associated supply chain and support infrastructure necessary to execute.

Kevin Obeegadoo

Seilendra Gokhool